This is one of the younger specialties of medicine dealing with obtunding or minimizing pain associated with surgery or any invasive procedure. It is a relatively new branch which has been in existence for a little over 150 years and its growth in leaps and bounds has made complex procedures and surgery which were unthinkable in the recent past, a reality now. The speciality has spawned into newer branches like intensive care, pain management, and emergency medicine. The department has a team of experienced and dedicated anaesthesiologists skilled in various subspecialties like cardiac, neuro, pain as well as newer and upcoming specialities like Bariatric (obesity) surgery.

Services :-

  • Preanaesthetic screening, risk stratification and optimisation of all patients before surgery.
  • Conduct of anaesthesia in operating rooms under stringent safety norms.
  • Anaesthesia for day care procedures
  • Acute pain services for managing post operative pain by means of epidural analgesia, nerve blocks and patient controlled analgesia
  • Labour analgesia for painless deliveries
  • Chronic pain management services including cancer pain
  • Postoperative care in surgical and cardiac recovery room suites supporting state of the art monitoring.
  • Provision of anaesthesia services in remote locations like radiology (MRI &CT), Gastro suite (endoscopy, ERCP); cardiac cath lab , Neuro lab.etc
  • Emergency and trauma resuscitation services

Facilities :-

  • State of the art anaesthesia workstations with inbuilt safety features in all operating rooms.
  • Basic monitoring equipment including : ECG, oxygen saturation, non invasive BP, invasive BP/CVP/PA pressures, airway pressures and gas volumes, neuromuscular monitoring
  • Anaesthetic gas monitors for oxygen, carbondioxide , nitrous oxide and anaesthetic agents
  • Cardiac monitoring including thermodilution cardiac output, continuous cardiac output monitoring, tranesophageal echo , ACT and ABG
  • Other equipment like Intubating fiberoscope, syringe and infusion pumps, fluid and patient warming systems.
  • Renal time guided kidney biopsy.
  • Access to newer and safer drugs: Fentanyl and sufentanyl, Sevoflurane, Propofol, Newer muscle relaxants