Dialysis is the Process of removing wastes and impurities from the blood and is done when a person’s kidney doesn’t function properly, either Actually chronically or Rapidly due to kidney failure which can be due to severe diabetes a congenital kidney disease, hypertension or other health problems.

There are two types of dialysis.

Hemodialysis :-

In hemodialysis, a machine called a dilayser is used to filter the blood. A catheter is placed in a vein in the arm, and a needle inserted into this cather is connected to a tube that carries blood into the dialyser. In the dialyser, a semi-permeable membrane separates the blood from a dialysis fluid. The wastes in the blood pass through the membrance into the fluid, and the clean blood is sent into the body.

Peritoneal Dialysis :-

In peritoneal dialysis the abdomen is filled with a glucose-based liquid through a small hole created in the peritoneal membrane (lining of the abdominal cavity). This solution cleans the blood of wastes.

Peritoneal dialysis can be done when the patient is performing regular activities. Such dialysis is called Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis. The patient will be trained to infuse and drain out the fluid a few times every day. Peritoneal dialysis can also be done with the help of a machine, at night when the patient is sleeping.

Our Nephrology unit is running a Maintenance Hemodialysis program for last 4 years performing over 800 dialysis sessions a month with 8 stand in Machines

We are also equipped with therapies like Plasmapherisis, Hemofiltration, for both Nephrological & non Nephrological indication.

The stringent infection control practices, immunosuppressive protocols and proactive vigil for complications and their prompt management make the service a huge success.

Nephrology :-

The nephrology department offers comprehensive and dedicated care to patients with renal failure and other kidney related disorders. Its team of doctor and trained nursing staff offers dialysis in a safe secure and comfortable atmosphere.

Services :-

  • Maintenance Hemodialysis programme
  • Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)
  • Renal biopsies under Renal time Ultrasound guidance
  • All Renal emergencies / Nephrology OPD
  • Dietary and lifestyle counseling.

Facilities :-

  • State of art hemodialysis unit with standard beds for patients.
  • Reverse osmosis treatment plant
  • Dedicated machine for hepatitis patients
  • Complete imaging and lab facilities
  • Examination room for private consultation and physical examination
  • Renal time guided kidney biopsy.
  • CAPD unit
  • Medical ICU for critically ill patient with kidney disease.
  • Management of kidney ailments
    (ARF,CRF,RPRF,Nephrotic syndrome)
  • Management of Secondary Hypertension
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Hemodialysis
  • Renal Biopsy
  • Juglar, Femoral vein catheterisation