The multispeciality Intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital is a state of art unit in the region. It is equipped with latest life support equipments and caters to a diverse group of patients such as post operative high risk patients, acute renal failure, septicemia, hepatic coma, poisoning, polytrauma etc.

Services :-

  • Resuscitation and emergency services round the clock
  • Management of single and multiple organ failures
  • Airway management
  • Percutaneous tracheostomy
  • Central venous catheter placement, PICC line, Hickmann's Catheter etc
  • Arterial catheter placement
  • Invasive pulmonary artery hemodynamic monitoring
  • Cardioversion
  • Temporary pacemaker insertion and maintenance
  • Continuous vasoactive and anti-arrhythmic drug infusions, thrombolytic infusions
  • Heamodialysis
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Lumbar puncture
  • ICD tube placement
  • Total parentral Nutrition
  • PEG
  • Nasogastric/ Naso-jejunual tube replacement
  • Pain management

Facilities :-

  • High Dependency Unit (HDU) for patients who are not well enough to be shifted to wards
  • Well trained staff with nurse
  • Dedicated physiotherapist
  • Latest equipments which include ventilators, pulse oximeters, infusion pumps, airway devices, continuous cardiac output monitors.

Intensive Care :-

Intensive care is a healthcare specialty that looks after critical patients with acute, life-threatening illness or injury. Typical examples of critical illness include heart attack, poisoning, pneumonia, surgical complications, premature birth and stroke. Critical care also includes care of the severely injured; whether due to an automobile accident, gunshot or stabbing wounds, a fall, burns, or an industrial.

Intensive care may be provided anywhere life is threatened i.e. at the scene of an accident, in an ambulance, in a hospital emergency room or in the operating room. Most critical care is delivered in highly specialized intensive care units (ICU). Intensive care is provided by teams of well trained and experienced intensivists, supported by other healthcare professionals that lead to the best outcome for the patient.

We have 35 bedded fully equipped critical care units of various specialties. They include MICU, SICU, Cardiac ICU, NEURO ICU, CT-ICU etc. Apollo's intensive care units are of international standards, with ultra modern facilities and infrastructure, led by a team of highly trained intensivists. Our intensivists have expertise and experiences in managing all aspects of critical care medicine.