Department of Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery is regularly performing all kinds of cardiac as well as vascular and thoracic surgery with excellent results. The department runs cardiac rehabilitation program in which there is a regular follow up with the patient and guidance given for regular physiotherapy.

Services :-

  • Coronary Artery Bypass surgery (CABG) - Coronary artery bypass surgery by beating heart technique; coronary artery bypass surgery by conventional open heart techniques,; total arterial bypass surgery, specially using LIMA - RIMA - Y technique; emergency and urgent CABG; CABG with associated procedures like LV annuresiumectomy, coronary endartectomy, mitral aortic and double valve replacement; emergency surgery for post infarct VSD and valve regurgitation; CABG in patient with cardiogenic shock, on pre OP IABP, Ventilators
  • Valvular surgery - Mitral valve surgery - repair and replacement; aortic valve replacement; double valve replacement; valve replacement with maze.
  • Congenital Heart Surgery - Open heart surgery for ASD, VSD, Tetralogy of Fallot, A-V channel defects, RSOV repair, Tricuspid atresia, CTGA, and other congenital complex lesions; PDA closure; repair of coarctations of aorta; B T Shunt
  • Aneurysm Surgery - Bentall procedure; Repair of aneurysm of ascending, descending and arch of aorta
  • Vascular surgery - Carotid end arteritomy; surgery for abdominal aorta; surgery for peripheral arterial system of lower and upper limbs
  • Thoracic surgery - Thymus surgery; thoracic and mediastinal mask; surgery for lung tumors; decortication and other lung surgery
  • Trauma surgery - Involving vascular and thoracic trauma.

Facilities :-

  • Well trained team of surgeons, anesthetist, technicians, perfusionist & nurses
  • IABP machines to support the heart