Neurosurgery has undergone a sea of change since the days Harvey Cushing. The development of bipolar cautery, the use of the surgical microscope, the availability of the ultrasonic surgical aspirator have all contributed to decreasing morbidity and mortality. Advances in neuroanaesthesia , neurosurgical intensive care and neuro imaging technology have played a significant role, we are now in the age of Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery. The goal and the aims of treatment have shifted. It is no longer enough to save life but preserving of all functions, cosmesis, reducing pain , shorter hospital stay and avoiding discomfort are all equally important. The centre of Excellence of Neurology and Neurosurgery,Apollo Hospitals,India is equipped with facilities at par with the best in the world .The most modern technology and equipment is provided to cover the entire range of Neurological diseases . about 1000 major neurosurgical operations are being carried out every year.


Dedicated Neurosurgical and Neuro Aneasthesia Team :-

The team consists of full time, part time and visiting Senior Consultant Neurosurgeons, each with their own associate consultants. There are dedicated neuro - anaesthesiologists to run the anaesthesia services. We have state of the ART operating theatres with specially trained nursing staff and a dedicated neurosurgical intensive care unit. Intra - operative electro physiological monitoring for spinal surgery, functional surgery and posterior fossa surgery is being carried out by experts specially trained for intra-operative monitoring.

Operating Rooms :-

Neurosurgical theatre equipped for al types of neurosurgical operations. All theatres have a laminar air flow system and equipped with the latest operations microscope.

The Intensive Equipment :-

The facility is equipped with the latest Modular invasive monitoring system(HP) and advanced life support equipment capable of managing complicated neurosurgical and neurosurgical patients effectively. All associated specialists like respiratory physicians, nephrologists are available round the clock.

Specialized Equipment :-

a. Interventional Neuro Radiology :- Exclusive departments and separate machines are available for this crucial area. The development of such centre was a priority with the Apollo Group of Hospitals.

b. Microsurgical Instrumentation :- Microsurgical Instruments are available Centre for skilled surgeons to carry out the full range of microsurgery for cranial as well as spinal surgery.

c. Neuroendoscopy :- Equipment for minimally invasive endoscopic removal of certain tumors (eg.intraventricular and pituitary tumors), third ventriculostomy in the treatment of hydrocephalus and drainage of brain abscesses and cysts is used routinely.

d. Spinal Instrumentation :- A complete range of spinal instrumentation is available for stabilizing the spine using metal implants. These are used in cases of spinal instability from spinal injuries, tuberculosis and tumours. This allows early ambulation, facilities rehabilitation and early discharge from hospital. The commitment of the Neurological and Neurosurgical teams at each Apollo hospital location to the prevention and treatment of neurological disease has led to the achievement of better outcomes and improved quality of life for patients.

  • Surgical and ICU management of all types of Head & Spinal Injuries
    Neuro and spinal rehabilitation
    Brian Tumor Surgery
    (Meningiomas,Gliomas, Posterior Fossa Tumors,CP Anle Tumor,Pituitary Tumor)
  • Vascular Neurosurgery
    (Aneurysmal Surgery, Arteriovenous Malformations,Carotid endarterectomy)
  • Skull Base Surgery (Surgical excision of skull base tumors,Cranio facial resection)
  • Craniovertebral Junction Surgery
    (Excision of CV Junction tumors,CV Junction injuries, Brain stem Tumors)
  • Minimal invasive Surgery
    Cervical Disc surgery- anterior and posterior,Cervical disc replacment,
    Spinal Stabilsation and instrumentation, spinal card tumors and infections
  • Endoscopic Neurosurgery
    (Surgery for removal of intraventricular tumors, Intracranial haematoma,
    evacuation ,surgery for Obstrcutive hydrocephalus,- Endoscopic Third
    ventriculostomy,Endoscopic pituitary surgery)
  • Interventional Neurosurgery(Diagnostic Angiogram,Intraarterial thrombloysis in ischemic stroke)